Preserving and Restoring American Automobiles

If you are interested in any of our cars or memorabilia, contact us via phone or e-mail to set up an appointment. We always look forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts & collectors.

We started our collection over two decades ago and have concentrated on three basic rules : #1 -  Only buy from known collectors and enthusiasts with credible ethics, #2 -  Buy cars from those who are friends before and after the sale, and #3 -  Focus on cars from the rust-free regions of America.

Some of our cars are completely restored rotisseries by the likes of renowned restoration artists Bob Schmidt, Greg Groom, etc... while others are unmarred originals. We have driver cars at various levels of scale as well as project cars, parts cars, and spare engines & parts too.

Our mission is to share what we know, sell some of what we have, and make valuable friendships along the way. We are passionate about the preservation of these era automobiles and look forward to enhancing our collection as well as selling a select few that we have acquired and/or restored over the years.

Please feel free to contact us in regard to any of our vehicles; if we don’t have it, we may know where it is.

Who We are